JR Coimbra

Developer :: Entrepreneur :: Freelancer

Hello, I’m JR Coimbra, a Brazilian developer, entrepreneur and freelancer. I provide technical services on cutting-edge development technologies such as Meteor, NodeJS, React and MongoDB, and platforms as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
Right now I work for 2market, a startup focused on software development and outsourcing, where we preferentially work with the newest and fastest technologies available on the market.
You can find me on the e-mail: rodrigo@raiteki.com

Besides getting along with my family, I love to travel, play guitar, cook and read comic books.
If I could suggest you some comic books artists to read, they are:
1) Carl Barks
2) Keno Don Rosa
3) Will Eisner
4) Akira Toryiama
5) Neil Gaiman
Try your luck and perhaps you’ll get in love with the ninth art as I did when I was a child!

When I get into a development job, my target is to provide service as good as I would expect to receive if I was a client.
I’ll always look for the most reliable solution, with the best design, with the most adequate technology, with the most fair hourly rate.
You can find some of my jobs at my Portfolio Page.


  • Web design 100%
  • Front-end development 95%
  • Javascript 95%
  • Php 65%
  • MongoDB 95%
  • NodeJS 100%
  • Meteor 90%



Sao Paulo - Brazil